We work with clients and theirs design teams in order to take project aspirations and needs to a full set of technical documentation including tender specifications, schematics and schedules. We have found that the more detail that can be generated and agreed early on in a project, the greater understanding by all parties and the more smoothly the works will be.
Following on from system design we can provide detailed project engineering where we create build and construction information. Cable pull information in tabular or graphical formats, schematics, general arrangement drawings, rack build detail and site termination documents etc are all needed to save time and money on-site and to assist in co-ordination with other parties.
Quite simply we understand projects better than most. Having managed some of the largest and most complex projects in our industry, we can help your project be realised with minimum risk. We can intervene at a number of levels to assist any party involved with the project process from concept, tendering, implementation, commissioning to handover.
We build and manage teams, run budgets and programmes. We have online tools to provide elegant, clear communication of information to all parties. We are also familiar with many of the construction industry project collaboration systems.
We've programmed a multitude of different systems. As equipment becomes more complicated and network based, system production is rapidly transferring from a multitude of wires to a mass of IP and bandwidth. Our system programming services cover control systems such as AMX and Crestron, most of the major DSP systems and custom code if required.

We frequently offer assistance and advice to manufacturers on the development of new products.

Our work varies from offering a brief analysis of a product in development through to ongoing advice from concept through to launch.

We use the latest emulation software and design tools along with our graphics skills to produce meaningful user interfaces to your software development team. Our extensive project experience lets us stress test products in development against real world use. We know how audio equipment is actually used and can convey the key requirements to you. We can guide your product development teams so that you know your next product provides real user benefits.

Our team has provided many innovative ideas to the industry including the first ever networked intercom system and the first ever networked loudspeaker.
Understanding how to make installations and products compliant with the variety of different voice alarm standards and codes worldwide is an extremely complex issue and has serious legal implications. Our team has unparalleled knowledge on the subject. We sit on various standards boards including the committee for EN 54-16 and EN 54-24 and have written the only comprehensive book on the subject.

We understand how and where different national, European and international standards apply and can advise you on both product and project compliance.

We have created voice alarm compliance documentation for manufacturers, for explaining to customers how your product can be used in a compliant manner.

For installers and consultants we create voice alarm risk assessments and can provide sign off on completed systems to ensure that the local authorities will accept them.