A Visit to Munich

After rushing into our plug fest and then with Christmas getting in the way, our plug fest has been a little delayed.

On our voyage into AES67 we decided to start with RAVENNA as it’s the only fully fledged protocol that is AES67 compatible out of the box. We got hold of a Lawo Crystal and a Merging HAPI and Pyramix. Merging to Merging worked fine but we struggled to put them together with the Crystal. We crashed the network. We didn’t pay sufficient attention to our switch set up.

In the world of audio networking switch set up is really important.


Every Networked Audio Product Feb 2016

We’ve turned our count of networked audio products into a biannual event with results in time for ISE and InfoComm.

We’ve counted what we think is every networked audio on the market. What’s more this time we had some help. Behind the scenes representatives from each of the protocol alliances have had access to input and check the data.

You can find products
here using our app and by using an in-app purchase you can download the entire dataset into a spreadsheet.

So here are the scores for January 2016: