A fairy story - End of the AVnu

The following is a work of fiction. I repeat, a work of fiction:

AVB is coming soon I swear

The year was 2008. I was at an event focused on professional audio, sitting in on a roundtable discussion with several folks from key companies in the industry. One gentleman was from The AVnu Alliance. The Lake Processor had launched the previous year, famously without any support for AVB. A lot of folks were up in arms about this — including several at this table. The guy from the AVnu Alliance assured everyone: AVB would be coming soon. And it was going to be wonderful. The notion that Lake wouldn’t include it on the Lake Processor because of performance issues was pure hogwash.

The same thing was said in 2009.

The same thing was said in 2010.

The same thing was still being said in 2011.


Network licensee numbers

I have just written an article for Lighting and Sound International, setting out why I think AVB may not work out in the pro-audio industry.

I have made it clear that I might be wrong and would be happy to be stand corrected. The point is to have an open debate which Lee Minich responds to in subsequent pages.

This blog entry looks at how many manufacturers are adopting which protocols...